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Thermo Ash Garden Parquet T30

Wood species

300 mm.


20 mm.


300 mm.

Unit of measurement


Not coated.

Application area

Loggias, terraces, swimming pools.

Number of pieces per pack

6 pcs.

Price range

$ 65

Price of selected width
$ 65


Garden parquet is made up of segments of thermo ash wood tiles that are fixed to the base.

Garden parquet is supplied in segments consisting of a low-pressure polyethylene base on which thermowood tiles are fixed with self-tapping screws. The tiles are manufactured with high precision, which has a positive effect on the quality of the material.

High temperature processing

High temperature processing

High heat and sound insulation

High heat and sound insulation

Environmentally friendly coating

Environmentally friendly coating


These are the excellent consumer qualities that make the purchase of T30 garden parquet worthwhile:

– resistance to wetting, making it possible to use the product for flooring in all climatic conditions;

– stability of the geometric dimensions and shape of the material at sub-zero temperatures and during prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;

– the use of natural wood in the production process, so that it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any components that are harmful to human health.


Applications: outdoor areas, flat roofs, pool and spa areas, marinas, piers, garages, cellars, garden pathways, verandas, patios, etc.The T30 thermo ash garden parquet, which we offer in our catalogue at a very reasonable price, will allow you to create beautiful paths in your garden, as well as a floor for your pergola or terrace. Thanks to their heat treatment, these products have many advantages that make them ideal for a wide range of uses.


As our company specialises in the manufacture of thermowood products, you can buy garden parquet on favourable terms with prompt delivery to any region of the country and abroad.
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