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Thermo Ash Decking Board (35-40 mm)

Wood species

Upon request, Straight planken


900 – 3000 mm




35 мм., 40 mm.

Unit of measurement

Application area

Decking, terraces, pools, and pergolas.



Price range

$ 145$ 165

Price of selected width


The 35-40 mm thick thermo ash decking presented in our catalogue is an excellent and popular option for decking in areas not protected from atmospheric precipitation. With its perfectly finished surface, the material can be used for terraces, verandas and sports grounds.

Treatment using a special patented technology gives this material the unique ability to resist decay and mould. Thanks to this property, heat-treated ash for terraces can be used for swimming pool surrounds, saunas and bathrooms. The material is very hard and resistant to wear and tear.
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High temperature processing

High temperature processing

High heat and sound insulation

High heat and sound insulation

Environmentally friendly coating

Environmentally friendly coating


– resistance to swelling and warping prevents the formation of mould and rot on the surface of the building material;
– does not require additional treatment with chemical impregnation, does not splinter or peel during use and is safe for active recreation and mobile children’s games;
– the top layer has increased wear resistance;
– ecological purity due to the use of 100% natural solid wood.

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