Swimming pool area with an outbuilding

Swimming pool area with an outbuilding

Предлагаем проект по отделке прибассейновой зоны с пристройкой, представляющий собой уникальное решение для создания комфортного и стильного пространства вокруг бассейна.

Проект включает в себя строительство пристройки, которая будет служить как дополнительное помещение для отдыха, развлечений или хранения оборудования.

Использование воскового масла с эффектом pre-weathered придает дереву красивый, равномерно состаренный вид.

Все это позволяет создать идеальное место для релаксации, веселья и отдыха вблизи бассейна, добавляя функциональность и эстетическую привлекательность.





Swimming pool area with an outbuilding

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Swimming pool area with an outbuilding

We would like to introduce you to a pool terrace and adjoining outbuilding project that offers a unique solution for creating a comfortable and stylish space around the swimming pool.

The project includes the construction of an outbuilding to provide additional space for recreation, entertainment or equipment storage.

The wood has a beautiful, evenly aged appearance due to the use of pre-weathered effect wax oil.

It all adds up to create the perfect place to relax, have fun and unwind near the pool, adding functionality and aesthetic appeal.

These hardwood materials with improved wear and tear resistance are now available to purchase from us.

Call us now on +7 929 572 05 10 or contact us via Botim, Imo, Telegram, or WhatsApp and get detailed advice from our specialists.

Прибассейновая зона с пристройкой - title


The product:
Thermo Ash

Pre-weathered effect wax oil


Installation with Gwozdeck DUET
professional fasteners 90.

Gwozdeck DUET-FASAD is a concealed, glass-filled polyamide (PA6) fastener used for the installation of cladding boards 20-45 mm thick and up to 120 mm wide. It is used for the installation of straight and bevelled boards, wood imitations, and block house boards. Recommended spacing is 5-7 mm.


Only high-quality materials
are used for the subsystem.

Adjustable supports and battens with impregnation

Treatment of ends

Treatment of the saw cuts with
a professional wax for the ends.

The ends are most susceptible to moisture absorption and release, as they are constantly exposed to water. This area is the weakest point of solid wood and tends to deteriorate over time. Protect the ends with oil or wax.


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