Layout options for thermobirch decking boards

Layout options for thermobirch decking boards

Террасная доска или декинг из термообработанной берёзы – это современный отделочный материал для террас, балконов, веранд, а также лестниц и ступеней. Он часто применяется как  для строительства частных домов, так и гостиниц, кафе, ресторанов. Такой материал имеет ряд безусловных преимуществ: по эксплуатационным качествам превосходит обычное дерево, а по декоративным – плитку, кирпич и другие подобные материалы. Так как террасная доска из термически обработанной древесины – высокотехнологичный материал, то важную роль играет выбор и уровень профессионализма производителя, в соответствии с его производственными возможностями и уровнем контроля качества на предприятии.


Layout options for thermobirch decking boards

  • Продукция:


  • Размер:

    20 х 75-150 х 900-3000 мм - 100 кв.м

  • Покрытие:


  • Срок реализации:

    от 20 дней

Layout options for thermobirch decking boards

Heat-treated birch decking is a state of the art material for finishing terraces, balconies, verandas, staircases and steps. It is widely used in the construction of private homes as well as hotels, cafes, and restaurants. This material has a number of undeniable advantages, the most important of which are its excellent durability, exceeding that of untreated wood, and its decorative qualities, surpassing tiles, bricks and other materials. As heat-treated wood decking is a high-tech material, it is very important to choose the right manufacturer with a high level of professionalism, guaranteed by production capacity and vigilant quality control.

Our company offers you the possibility to order the installation of facade cladding, designed according to your needs and specifications, using materials such as:

  • thermowood,
  • exotic wood,
  • composite materials.

Explore our range of high-strength, wear-resistant wood materials!

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Варианты раскладки террасной доски из термоберёзы-title


The product:
Thermo Birch

20 х 75-150 х 900-3000 mm – 100 sq m

Gwozdeck DUET 90


Lead time:
20 days


Installation with Gwozdeck DUET
professional fasteners 90.

Gwozdeck DUET-FASAD is a concealed, glass-filled polyamide (PA6) fastener used for the installation of cladding boards 20-45 mm thick and up to 120 mm wide. It is used for the installation of straight and bevelled boards, wood imitations, and block house boards. Recommended spacing is 5-7 mm.


Only high-quality materials
are used for the subsystem.

Adjustable supports and battens with impregnation

Treatment of ends

Treatment of the saw cuts with
a professional wax for the ends.

The ends are most susceptible to moisture absorption and release, as they are constantly exposed to water. This area is the weakest point of solid wood and tends to deteriorate over time. Protect the ends with oil or wax.


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